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Glad you are interested in contributing to re:Skill!

Most learning challenges are weekly challenges that consist of two parts:
1. A learning video on AWS-related topics (see existing challenges for sample) of 30 to 40 minutes duration.
2. A Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) set consisting of a minimum of 25 questions (the more questions the better because some questions will not make it through the review process).

(While most contributions are weekly challenges, you can also contribute to monthly challenges that are 60-90 minute sessions + 50 MCQs and quarterly challenges of 180-240 minute sessions duration + 100 MCQs using the same submission process. The reward points will be higher for contributing to these challenges.)

Once you submit the learning challenge (both video and MCQ set), the submission will go through the review process. You can see the status of your submission on this page itself.

Please review the contribution guidelines here before submission.

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