Contribute to re:Skill

The objective of re:Skill platform is "Empowering Learning, Driven by Community". If you are an AWS expert & are interested in contributing to the community, you are welcome to contribute to re:Skill. There are two ways to contribute to re:Skill:

  1. by creating learning challenges in the form of videos.
  2. by creating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that accompany the video for the quiz.

Creating Video Challenges

How it Works

  • Step 1: Choose the Topic

    The Weekly Challenges video sessions are 30-40 minutes long. You can suggest the topics you are interested in and check with us on the same (or let us know, we'll share the list of upcoming topics for which we are looking for speakers).

  • Step 2: Recording

    You can choose to record the session and share the video or let us (re:Skill team) know & we'll schedule the recording session and will take care of editing and uploading in the AWS UG India's YouTube channel.

  • Step 3: Scheduling

    Once you share the video to the reSkill team (us), we will review it and will update you on the acceptance status. Once accepted, we will schedule the session under upcoming challenges. Meanwhile, you can prepare the MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and share it with us for review (recommended). If not, let us know so that other community contributors can prepare them and share it to you for review.

  • Step 4: Going Live

    Once the challenge is announced with the MCQs, your challenge goes live in re:Skill for the scheduled week.


  • As Much Hands-on As Possible

    The sessions need to be as much as possible demo/code/example/case study focused with minimal slides & theory. Please create the first slide & key points using the template.

  • Introduction and Contact Details

    Please take a minute or so to introduce yourself in the session beginning, or provide your preferred mode of contact in the last slide.

  • Professional Recording

    Record in a quiet place and ensure there are no interruptions during the recording. Use headphones if possible for a clear voice. Install keyboard sound blockers if possible.

  • Pure Tech Content - NO Promotions

    The reSkill platform is community driven - please make sure there are no sales or marketing pitches; don't refer to your company or its offerings, product or its features (in short, make sure your session is purely tech focused).

Creating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

How it Works

  • Step 1: Check Out Upcoming Challenges

    Check out the Upcoming Challenges tab in re:Skill and identify the challenges for which you are interested in contributing MCQs.

  • Step 2: Contact Us

    Let us know how you are qualified to create MCQs - esp. your work experience on AWS and having relevant certifications. Contact us at re:skill and let us know

    • How you are qualified to create the MCQs.
    • Upcoming challenges for which you are interested in contributing MCQs.

  • Step 3: Create MCQs

    If your AWS skills & experience are good, we will share an Excel sheet with the format and examples of questions. You can go through the learning challenge and create MCQs and share the filled sheet with us.

  • Step 4: Review and Update the Challenge

    We will review and accept the questions which are good. We'll acknowledge that you have contributed to the questions in the About the Challenge section for the relevant challenges for which you have contributed.


  • Question Format

    Each question should:

    • be unambiguous and direct
    • relevant to the topic and the learning video
    • have only one correct answer
    • should have minimum two and maximum four options
    • (optional) have an explanation or reference link, preferably from AWS documentation.

  • Original Questions

    Go through the video and create original questions. In specific, don't copy questions directly or get question ideas from elsewhere (any form of plagiarism is simply unacceptable).

  • Application-Oriented or Scenario-based Questions

    Don't create yes or no questions or theory questions. Create application oriented or scenario-based questions that make users think (and cannot be answered through a simple web search or checking the relevant service documentation).

That's all! Just drop in an email to re:skill with your interest in contributing to video challenges or MCQs for next steps. Thank you for your interest in contributing to re:Skill and we look forward to hearing from you!