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Become a Community Star

How to Become a Community Star?

"Empowering Learning, Driven by Community" is the objective of the re:skill platform. If you are an AWS expert & are interested in contributing to the community, you are welcome to contribute to re:Skill.

Contribute in the form of learning challenges:

  1. A learning video on AWS (see existing challenges for sample) of 30 to 40 minutes duration for weekly.
  2. A Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) set consisting of a minimum of 25 questions (the more questions the better because some questions will not make it through the review process).
While most contributions are weekly challenges, you can also contribute to monthly challenges that are 60-90 minute sessions or 50 MCQs and quarterly challenges of 180-240 minute sessions duration or 100 MCQs using the same submission process. The reward points will be higher for contributing to these challenges.

Contribution Reward Points & Swag Kit

You will earn reward points for accepted contributions. If you are a first-time contributor, you will receive a special swag kit.

Who Can Contribute?

You need to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your area of contribution. If your profile does not indicate you are qualified (e.g., through work experience, certification, etc), your submission will be most likely rejected.

Currently, only individual contributors can submit learning content - this is due to the complexity in dealing with issuing reward points and swags in the case of multiple contributors.

Please note that the reward points in re:Skill are currently redeemable only in India. Furthermore, we can ship swag kits only in India.

However, if you are from outside India and would like to contribute to re:Skill, you will be showcased in the Community Star page and the re:Skill users will benefit from your content and expertise. The only catch is that you will be unable to redeem your reward points and will not receive the swag kit.

Create Video Challenges

How it Works
  • Step 1: Choose the Topic

    The Weekly Challenges video sessions are 30-40 minutes long. You can choose any specific topic that matches the content in these streams or speciality areas: Cloud Practitioner, DevOps Stream, Developer Stream, Architect Stream, Machine Learning Speciality, Security Speciality, Data Analytics Speciality,Databases Speciality, Advanced Networking Speciality. Please check the existing challenges (including upcoming challenges) to see if the topic has already been taken before investing your time and energy to prepare content. If you are in doubt, you can drop an email to us before starting work on creating the content.

  • Step 2: Recording

    You can choose to record the session and share the video or let us know & we'll schedule the recording session and will take care of editing and uploading in the AWS UG India's YouTube channel.

  • Step 3: Submission

    Edit the videos as much as possible and submit the proper version. In case it is not possible, our team will process the video. We request you to leave editing instructions in an email to us. The video recording can be in any common video format but don’t use any exotic file formats that will make the life of our re:Skill content team difficult in editing it. Share the raw video in a folder/file link on any file sharing platform such as Google Drive. We'll send a request for view permissions on your submission.

  • As Much Hands-on As Possible

    The sessions need to be focused on demo/code/example/case study with minimal slides & theory. Please create the first slide & key points using the template.

  • Introduction and Contact Details

    Please take a minute or so to introduce yourself at the beginning of the session or provide your preferred mode of contact in the last slide.

  • Professional Recording

    Record in a quiet place and ensure there are no interruptions during the recording. Use headphones if possible for a clear voice. Install keyboard sound blockers if possible.

  • Pure Tech Content - NO Promotions

    The re:Skill platform is community driven - please make sure there are no sales or marketing pitches; don't refer to your company or its offerings, product, or its features. Please make sure your session is purely tech-focused.

Please note that violating the submission guidelines will result in rejection or re-recording of your video, hence request you to strictly adhere to these guidelines.

Creating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

How it Works
  • Step 1: Download Question Template

    Download the question template here.

  • Step 2: Fill Questions and Submit

    Fill the question and the answer options (minimum 2, maximum 4 options). Copy the correct answer text into the CorrectAnswer column. Provide explanation why the answer is correct, and if needed why the other answers are wrong. Preferably include a URL from AWS documentation supporting your question & answer. Submit the MCQ excel sheet along with the video challenge.

  • Question Format

    Each question should:

    • be unambiguous and direct
    • relevant to the topic and the learning video
    • have only one correct answer
    • should have a minimum of two and maximum of four options
    • have an explanation or reference link, preferably from AWS documentation (optional)

  • Original Questions

    Go through the video and create original questions. In specific, don't copy questions directly or get question ideas from elsewhere (any form of plagiarism is simply unacceptable).

  • Application-oriented or Scenario-based Questions

    Don't create yes or no questions or theory questions. Create application oriented or scenario-based questions that make users think and cannot be answered through a simple web search or checking the relevant service documentation.

  • Randomizable Questions & Options

    The re:Skill platform renders the quiz for a challenge by randomly selecting questions from the given pool of questions (typically 10 from a pool of 25 to 50 or even 100 questions). Also note that the options for the questions are randomized in re:Skill platform when the users take the quiz. For this reason, please make sure the questions are independent of each other. Also, the options cannot be “All of the above”, “None of the above”, “Both Options A & B” etc. since the options will be displayed in any order.

Submission Statuses

Your submission can be in different “statuses” in the submission page once you submit your learning challenge. The “submission statues” are:

Submitted: When you submit your learning challenge, your submission comes to a review queue in re:Skill. Your status in your submission page will be shown as “submitted”.

Requested Revision: When the re:Skill review team evaluates your submission, they may find need for changes or updates to the content. They may get back to you with review feedback. They’ll contact you in the email that you have given during the submission process. When the re:Skill content team is waiting to get back the revised content from you, the status in your submission page will be shown as “Requested Revision”.

Accepted: Your submission may be accepted as it is (in rare scenarios), or once requested revisions/changes are completed, it will be accepted for publication on re:Skill platform, and will be put in a “publication queue”. You’ll be awarded reward points when your submission is accepted. If you are a first-time contributor, the re:Skill support team will get back to you for shipping details. At this stage, your name will be listed in the Community Stars page.

Rejected: Your submission may be rejected for various reasons, including plagiarism, not adhering to submission guidelines, etc. In unusual scenarios, the re:Skill review team may even reject a submission without citing any reason as well.

Completed: Once the reward points are awarded (and swag is shipped in case of first-time contributions), and the challenge is scheduled in the “Upcoming Challenges” section in re:Skill, the submission status will be shown as “Completed”.

Resubmitted: Once a revision is requested and you resubmit the challenge, the status will be shown as Resubmitted.

From the time of submission to publication of the Challenge on re:Skill, it may take a few weeks or months; we request your patience for the same.

Contact Us

For any queries or clarifications, please drop a mail at Our support team will try their best to get back at the earliest owing to a high volume of support queries. Also, depending on your query, the support team may have to check with the review team, hence, we request your patience and support in this regard.